Finalists interview for dream job at Sonoma County winery

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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Finalists interview for Sonoma Co. winery dream job
The final interviews are underway for two dream jobs at Sonoma County winery. The open positions each pay $10,000 a month for a year, include a year's supply of wine and free housing.

HEALDSBURG, CALIF. (KGO) -- Several candidates are crushing it when it comes to landing a job at a Healdsburg winery. They've been chosen out of 7,000 applicants for the final interview.

Murphy-Goode Wines has two open positions that each pay $10,000 dollars a month for a year. It also includes free housing and a year's supply of wine.

Exactly what they will do at the winery is up to them.

"This is very unique, one of a kind," job candidate Roosevelt Johnson II said, "so this is amazing."

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"I'm ready to get my hands dirty, learn a new craft," added another candidate Casey Sartoir, "Yeah, so I'm ready to move out to wine country."

Everyone applied for the job by video.

The new hires will begin working in September.