Teen dies from flu-related problems days after test found her to be negative

ATLANTA -- A teenager in Atlanta is dead just days after feeling ill from a flu-related problem.

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The Coweta County coroner said 15-year-old Kira Molina had not gotten a flu shot and started feeling sick.

"Her parents took her to a clinic where she was tested for the flu and found to be negative -- she went home," Richard Hawk told WGCL.

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Five days after first feeling sick, the teen died from liver failure after complications from the flu.

"What happens is it can get into the liver and by that, acetaminophen or Tylenol, is filtered out through the liver and it can cause the liver function not to work well and that causes your acetaminophen level to rise just like it was an overdose," Hawk said.

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He says it's not too late to get a flu shot.

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