Joss Stone talks about her first holiday album, 'Merry Christmas, Love.'

The soulful singer wanted to get the classics just right and give everyone "Christmas tingles!"

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Monday, November 28, 2022
Joss Stone talks about her first holiday album.
Soulful singer Joss Stone releases her first holiday album, 'Merry Christmas, Love,' featuring fan favorites and new music.

LOS ANGELES -- Joss Stone wants this holiday season to be merry and bright. She's released "Merry Christmas, Love," an album of holiday favorites, along with a couple of original songs. It's an album she's been wanting to make for over 10 years, but has been totally nervous about!

"These songs are all old school and amazing, everyone knows every single word," Stone told On The Red Carpet. "When I listen to Christmas albums from artists that I love... I'm Christmas obsessed and if I listen it's like, 'no that's not what I know Christmas to be!' So I've been really worried about doing that. I hope I've achieved the goal and I'm not going to disappoint anyone on their Christmas day and they feel those Christmas tingles!'

Along with the classics like "Winter Wonderland," "Let It Snow" and "Silent Night," Stone covers the Stevie Wonder track, "What Christmas Means to Me," which is the album's first single.

Stone said, "To be honest on the whole record, that's the song I was most comfortable with because I've been singing songs like that for years, it's a soul record!"

Stone, however, admits she wasn't always comfortable on the set of the music video for "What Christmas Means to Me." That's because she was very pregnant with son Shackleton.

"It was like oh my God, I'm really tired! But every time they said record, I said 'come on then, let's do this little Shackleton!' And it ended up great," Stone said.

And as the holidays near, Stone and husband Cody DaLuz are prepping to make this Christmas a memorable one for her 2 children, daughter Violet and newborn son Shackleton.

"Bring on Christmas, let's do this!"