200 cats, 13 dogs living in deplorable conditions inside rescue organization saved in Hollister

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Saturday, March 9, 2024
Hundreds of pets living in deplorable conditions rescued in Hollister
Hollister police rescued cats and dogs from inside a local animal rescue shelter after living in deplorable conditions without food or water.

HOLLISTER, Calif. (KGO) -- Hollister Police rescued hundreds of animals from inside a local animal rescue shelter.

On Thursday, police served a search warrant at a home off El Toro Drive. They discovered cats and dogs were living in deplorable conditions without food or water and housed with built up feces.

Police arrested a couple for felony animal cruelty.

They said the two were founders of an animal rescue organization called SBC Pet-A-Palooza Rescue Inc.

Hollister resident Sherri said she connected with one of the organization's founders through Facebook last weekend and adopted two cats on Sunday.

"When I read about it I was just taken back. I was absolutely taken back," Sherri said.

She noticed no red flags, the cats were in clean cages and looked well fed.

"You could tell he cared, he brought a big bag of food and the ears were clipped and they were spayed and neutered and I was just shocked- I was absolutely shocked it was the two of them that was arrested," Sherri said.

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Police said 200 cats with extreme medical conditions and 13 dogs were saved from the property.

Kiska Icard, the Acting Deputy Director of San Jose Animal Care & Services, said people may be well intentioned when running rescues - but overcrowding is detrimental.

"Just because you can set up another crate doesn't necessarily mean you might have the personnel to actually adequately provide that care so it really puts the entire population of animals at risk when you exceed your ability to be able to care for them," Icard said.

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For people looking to adopt from a shelter or rescue agency, ask questions and observe conditions of how they're transported.

"One of the ways that you can kind of vet the conditions of these animals might be kept in is by simply asking how many animals do you currently have facility? How many spaces do you have for the animals?" Icard said.

She suggests visiting the facility if you can.

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Outside the home off El Toro Drive, a 'do not enter sign' is posted on the door.

ABC7 spotted several cats wandering around the front yard.

For animal advocates like Sherri- she hopes people make the right decisions if they're overwhelmed.

"Just reach out for help, you know there are so many people that love animals. I know there's just so many people that would've been here for them," Sherri said.

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