Fresno family says Ninja blender blew up in home

FRESNO, Calif. -- A Fresno woman says her ninja blender nearly caused a serious injury to her mom yesterday while she was using the device.

Jessica Sahagun tells Action News the blender shattered on the counter while her mom was making salsa.

"She poured in the tomatoes and chili to make salsa and turned it on like normal, and then it was just a loud bang like a firework," Sahagun said.

Shards of sharp plastic from the pitcher were scattered across the counter. Sahagun says she is thankful it broke in the direction of the backsplash and not her mom.

"If it would have went from the front, it could've hit her face or her eye," Sahagun said.

Back in 2015, the US Consumer Products Safety Commission listed recalls for similar blenders.

12 different models were linked to 53 reports of lacerations stemming from incidents involving the device's blade.

Sahagun says she reached out to the company about theirs but did not get the response she hoped to receive.

"She was like oh we'll get back you in 48 hours, and I was like please don't do that I don't want to make a big deal."

We contacted Ninja Kitchen for comment but are still waiting to hear back from them.
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