Grandma's ashes stolen in mass car break-in at Peninsula hotel housing storm victims

"They went into the middle console and they stole my wife's grandmother's ashes...lowlifes that's just what they are!"

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Grandma's ashes stolen in mass car break-in at Bay Area hotel
Multiple cars were broken into at two Bay Area hotels impacting victims seeking shelter from the major storm that hit the region.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- On the same day Governor Gavin Newsom announced he is sending 120 CHP officers to help deal with crime in Oakland and surrounding areas, those along the Peninsula are dealing with a string of car break-ins.

Frustrations reached a fever pitch for those in the parking lot of the Larkspur Landing Hotel in South San Francisco.

"I'm sorry, I'm really emotional about this because you would not think this would happen to you," said Levi Clark, who is from Pacifica.

Clark is one of more than 20 people whose cars were broken into or "bipped" Monday night. In his case, precious cargo was inside.

"They went into the middle console, and they stole my wife's grandmother's ashes...lowlifes that's just what they are!," he exclaimed.

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Don, who declined to give us his last name checked in, after his power at his home was lost during the weekend storms. No sooner did he discover power had been restored, his window broken.

"Gavin Newsom, this is to you. I hope you see this, I hope you listen to this. You need to do something about this. They completely vandalized my vehicle, this state of lawlessness has got to come to an end!" He said animatedly as he stood in the parking lot, which was littered with broken glass.

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Across the bay, those at the Hyatt House in Emeryville are dealing with their own break-in crisis.

"I've been seeing cops parked here quite a lot over the past two days," said David Ashman, who is in the Bay Area for work.

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Multiple guests and employees ABC7 News spoke with say "bipping" is not uncommon there, and nearly 20-break-ins happened early Saturday morning. We saw a number of signs indicating guests need to be careful.

The victims we spoke with have a message for the thieves and those with the power to make change.

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"If you have my wife's stuff, if you have deceased ashes, how low of you? I wish nothing but karma!," said Clark.

Don, visibly angered, said "Do something to protect the citizens you were elected to protect. This has got to come to a stop!"

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