Walnut Creek neighborhood says no to In-N-Out Burger

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Long lines are nothing new for fans of In-N-Out Burger, but a Walnut Creek community group is saying no to a new burger restaurant right next to their homes.

The proposed site is along North Main Street at Second Ave.

A local developer already owns the property and it's zoned for a restaurant. What they're trying to get is a conditional use permit for a drive-thru.

It's not In-N-Out that neighbors object to. It's all of the traffic that typically goes in and out of the popular burger restaurants and having it a few yards from their quiet residential neighborhood.
Larkey Park Neighbors United spokesperson Dan Anguis lives on a quiet cul-de-sac in Walnut Creek and while the old industrial plant behind his house is unsightly, he and his young family worry more about what's being proposed to replace it.

"Right now, they're planning to put a combined In-N-Out plus a Starbucks drive-thru, in addition to some other properties," Anguis said.

There are already five other fast food restaurants within a quarter-mile radius.

And while Anguis and his neighbors say they like In-N-Out burgers as much as anyone else, they just don't want one, and all the traffic that comes with it, so close to their homes.

This birds-eye view shows the area of N. Main Street at 2nd Ave. in Walnut Creek, Calif. on Tuesday, April, 11, 2017.

Photo by Hall Equities Group

"It's just in the application stage," said Walnut Creek's Community and Economic Development Director Sandra Meyer said.

Meyer said the public will have several opportunities to voice their concerns. "In this case, this will probably go through at least four public hearing," she said.
Those will be scheduled after traffic, noise and other impact studies are completed.

In 2013, In-N-Out pulled its application to put a second store in Pleasant Hill after strong neighborhood opposition.

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