In-person classes to resume at Livermore Valley Joint Unified next month, district says

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District voted Thursday on a plan to offer in-person learning starting March 22. Board members unanimously approved the measure 5-0. Full-time distance learning will still be an option for students.

"I'm really excited to get to go back to school," says 11th grader Britany Pettit.

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The talk amongst Livermore High Schoolers Thursday night centered around going back to in-person learning.

"I definitely think it's a step back towards normal life," says Izzy Guidry who had just finished swim practice with her friends when we spoke with her.

"In our communities, many of our families work and they work outside the home and they have to have child care and so it's just easier for most if we're all in or not," said Livermore Superintendent Dr. Kelly Bowers.

Dr. Bowers says 1,100 of their 1,500 employees have already been vaccinated and that number will rise in the next week. Some parents we talked to were actually surprised by the push forward.

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"I'm a little bit shocked because there doesn't really feel like there's been a lead up to this, it just feels sudden so I guess I'm still kind of processing it," says Marissa Skog who told us that her kids will be staying home.

Others we spoke with said their kids will be going back to class.

"My kindergartner has had a horrendous time and to have him go back on campus even if it's just for three months is going to be so amazing," said Lauren Illingworth who is the mother to a 6 and 7-year old.

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Lietz Elementary students will be back to in-person school on Monday, February 22, 2021.

In-person learning for elementary school kids will be offered four mornings a week and secondary schools will rotate and offer students two days of in-person learning. Families will also have the option to keep distancing full-time.

"Let's come together and make this the smoothest return as possible and still respect the families that want to have a different option," says Superintendent Bowers.

The superintendent tells us some of the specifics for this hybrid plan still have to be worked out but they will be in place and in time for that March 22 start.

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