Watch as SF Bay Area cheers, celebrates news that Biden is set to become president

ByDan Noyes and Cornell Barnard, Matt Boone, ABC7 News Digital Team KGO logo
Sunday, November 8, 2020
Video: Best of Bay Area's Biden-Harris celebrations
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When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were projected winners Saturday, the Bay Area erupted into celebration. See the highlights here.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- People all over the Bay Area erupted in cheers and screams after news that Joe Biden is set to become the 46th president of the United States.

On Saturday afternoon, ABC News reported Joe Biden as the apparent winner in Pennsylvania - a win that grants him 270 electoral votes and makes him president-elect.

In San Francisco, cheers and honking could be heard from all over as the Biden announcement was confirmed. Revelers danced in the street in the Castro neighborhood.

"I'm so elated, there's a whole weight off our shoulders. The people are greater than the people in power," said Ariel Ajagu.

Organizers had scheduled a rally for the Golden Gate Bridge today to "protect the vote", but with this morning's announcement, it turned into a celebration for Biden-Harris's projected win. ABC7's Dan Noyes walked the span this afternoon and found that some in the crowd still do not support the ticket.

WATCH: Protect the Vote rally turns into celebration for Biden-Harris win on Golden Gate Bridge

Several women in Handmaid's Tale costumes protested the lopsided Supreme Court, now that Amy Coney Barrett brings a 6-3 majority; there was even a little Ruth Bader Ginsburg there. But it was a combinations of groups - Democratic Socialists, Black Lives Matter, and families of those killed in confrontations with police, including Sean Monterrosa who died in Vallejo.

His sister, Ashley, told the rally, "Last week marked five months since our brother's murder and we have yet to see any justice."

A few in dark clothing who did not want their pictures taken taunted the police, across the bridge and back. But there were no arrests, no violence, and the day ended with interpretive dance.

In Oakland, Lake Merritt was the center of celebration Saturday afternoon. People cheered as cars with Biden/Harris signs drove by honking their horns in celebration and impromptu dance parties broke out along the lake.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf joined the fun by taking a ride in the famous snail car, which she usually uses to celebrate basketball victories in the Golden State Warriors championship parades.

"I am feeling so hella proud Kamala Harris," she told ABC7 News reporter Jobina Fortson.

"I feel like this is the first joyous moment of 2020," said Morgan Carter who came down to Grand Lake after she heard the news.

A large crowd of people gathered on Grand Avenue, dancing and cheering as cars drove by.

"Huge significance for the Bay Area, repping Oakland," said Brandy Troxler about the ascension of Kamala Harris. "But also repping little Black girls and Asian girls everywhere, knowing you can do it. Representation matters."

In Berkeley, another crowd coalesced around Harris's childhood home.

"It is really so unbelievable to think the person who is now, or will be Vice President, is somebody we knew as a little girl," said Sharon McGaffie, who remains in touch with Harris and sent her a congratulatory text this morning.

"She's busy," she joked. "She might get it sometime during the week."

WATCH: Crowds celebrate Biden's projected win at Kamala Harris' childhood home in Berkeley

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said he is proud of his friend, former San Francisco District Attorney and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

"She's the first woman vice president in history, that's something anyone can only dream about. I'm overjoyed, it brings tears to my eyes," said Brown.

With 96% percent of the expected vote counted, Biden has a lead of 30,900 votes over President Donald Trump in the Keystone State.

Because the vote is very close and has not yet been certified, ABC News is not projecting a winner. Instead, it is basing this characterization on actual vote tallies from state and local election officials.

WATCH: Dance parties, celebrations erupt in US streets amid apparent Biden victory

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