East Bay Johnson & Johnson vaccine event could be last in Bay Area for a while

BENICIA, Calif. (KGO) -- It may be the last event of its kind for a while, a vaccine clinic in Benicia featuring the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, after California announced its supply of the single-dose shot will be severely cut next week.

They were gone quickly, the appointments for the one and done Johnson and Johnson vaccine at the Benicia Senior Center.

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"I thought getting the one-dose vaccine was a pretty good way to go," said Jay Coffeen as he and his wife stood in line.

"I'm happy to be getting it here in Benicia at our Senior Center, where I feel safe," said Sissy Coffeen.

In all, the city delivered 400 vaccines in just three hours, administered by local firefighters.

"We truly feel like this is the change that's going to make us as a state and country get past this pandemic," said Benicia Fire Chief Josh Chadwick. "So for us to do our small part, it feels really very good."

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The Benicia event comes as California announced vaccine supplies will be 15% smaller next week, driven by a 90% reduction in the number of Johnson and Johnson's doses coming from the federal government.

The shrinking supply comes just a week before the date set by Governor Gavin Newsom to broaden eligibility to everyone over the age of 16.

The supply issues also make it hard for counties and cities like Benicia to plan.

"We only learned of this a few days ago and we let the county know that we'll be a partner anytime they ask us," said Mario Giuliani, the Economic Development Manager for the City of Benicia. "Whether it's Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson."

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The way the supply in California looks right now, many of the folks at the Benicia event are aware, they may be among the last few to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine...at least in the coming weeks.

"Well I'm excited about that," said Martinez resident Darlene Wilson. "That my timing was perfect."

The shortage of the Johnson and Johnson's vaccine comes after the company reported production issues that prompted it to discard 15 million doses.

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