"You Got This!" Kid Superintendent has an inspiring pep talk to start the school year

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Thursday, August 27, 2020
“You Got This!” Kid Superintendent has an inspiring pep talk to start the school year
Kid Superintendent is here for you with an inspiring message to start the new year.

READING, Pennsylvania -- Has 2020 got you down? Are you nervous about the start of a new school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Kid Superintendent is here for you.

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In a video posted to the Reading School District's Facebook page, Superintendent Dr. Khalid N. Mumin (the adult one) begins by sharing a passage from his favorite poem, "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

But before he can finish, Kid Superintendent Jermaine Edwards II steps in with his own message of reassurance in a year that brought us murder hornets and Tiger King (which isn't what he thought it was).

"You got this," the 9-year-old says, while providing his own advice for a successful year.

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By the end, you'll be ready to go back to school yourself!

Jermaine's mom, Kristin Boyd Edwards, said the video came together thanks to the work of Lone Cricket Productions and a promise that Jermaine would get some Taco Bell for his performance.

Jermaine Edwards II and his mom talk about the video that has everyone ready for the new school year.

She also happens to be the Communications Director for the Reading School District.

She decided to put the inspirational video together after the new school year celebration was canceled, courtesy of the pandemic.

"I had a Reading School District student who I wanted to be part of the project but he just wasn't available this weekend. And so, I asked my son, 'Would you step in and do this?' And he said, 'Can I have Taco Bell?'" she said.

They came to terms, and the rest is magic.

We asked Jermaine if he liked the way the video came out and he said he likes it, as long as it makes other people smile.

The soft-spoken youngster says, "I always want to make other people happy like, if they're sad or nervous. I just want to make them more happy."