Marciano's Pizza Truck delivers fresh dough and pizza ingredients right to your door

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Thursday, February 18, 2021
Make-your-own pizza kits delivered to your door
During the pandemic husband and wife duo, Jennifer and Marciano Cipriano turned their pizza truck business into a dough delivery service, so customers can make their own pizza creations at home.

HUNTINGTON, New York -- Pizza has been a family affair for Marciano Cipriano since he was 14-years-old. Capriano would make pizzas in his backyard with his father when they built their own brick pizza oven.

As Cipriano grew older, he wanted to level up, which eventually led him to his International retro-fitted pizza truck. Jennifer, his wife, met him when he was first putting the truck together and, ever since pizza has become their passion.

When the pandemic hit in March, they shut down their truck due to CDC safety guidelines.

The Cipriano's, starting brainstorming on ideas to keep their hungry customers happy as well as safe during this time of quarantine.

The duo came up with several pizza kits where customers can make their own pizza creations delivered right to their door.

"You really are bringing some excitement into their lives," said Marciano. "Everyone is at home, stuck at home."

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The Cipriano's say their dough to door pizza delivery service is 'pizza kit delivery with a taste of Italy'.

"We wanted to make sure that when we brought you a kit, you had everything you needed to make that pizza," said Marciano. "We're using the same ingredients on the truck when we make pizza."

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The Cipriano's created a variety of pizza kits to choose from, including their number one seller, the Nutella dessert pizza.

"It's easy to make, it's popular, the roasted marshmallows on top I mean that's a winner right there," said Jennifer.

The Cipriano's currently conduct their pizza kit deliveries on Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays.

As far as location, deliveries range from both Suffolk and Nassau counties. Throughout the weekend the pair delivers more than 100 kits per weekend and even more when it's a holiday.

"Pizza is not a job, pizza is our passion," said Jennifer. "It's fun to put together the kits, it's fun to see the pictures. You have adults, not just the kids, everyone's joining in on the fun. It's a delicious and fun activity that anyone can enjoy in the comfort of their own home."


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