Meet some of the Marriott workers on strike in San Francisco since Oct. 4

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The sounds of drums and chants could be heard before making out the Marriott signage at various hotels throughout San Francisco on Saturday. Hotel workers have been picketing since launching a strike on Oct. 4 as part of a nationwide action.

In a video given to ABC7 News by Unite Here, the union representing employees, hotel workers are seen getting arrested on Friday night. A total of 41 were arrested and charged with misdemeanors, then released.

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They were rallying for changes from Marriott, like higher wages, work safety and job security.

"These workers are all out here forfeiting their pay to fight for a better contract," said Rachel Gumpert, United Here national press secretary.

Lisa Correa, a banquet server, has worked for Marriott for almost 30 years.

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"Marriott refuses to maintain our benefits," Correa said. "What they're doing now is they've proposed a short shift of three hours. So how will we even qualify for benefits with a three-hour shift?"

Some workers claim to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Others said they would like to, but can't because of the hotels' scheduling.

"I would like that Marriott would come back to the table and talk to us," said Daniel Burns, a Marriott employee.

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The protest hasn't come without headaches. Erin Hammill said she could hear the protest from her room on the 8th floor.

"Room service isn't working, or isn't running," Hammill said. "The housekeeping is mediocre at best. The FedEx isn't shipping out packages which was an impact for us."

David Blank opted out of housekeeping for rewards points.

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"I hope they really negotiate this deal and get it over quickly because they really do have great employees," Blank said.

United Here said in other cities where the strike is continuing, like Boston and Detroit, negotiations aren't going well.

"Marriott clearly didn't take us seriously in either instance," Gumpert said. "It's really sad that they want to continue the strikes."

Officials with United Here said they're scheduled to go back to the table with Marriott in the next few days. They're remaining hopeful.
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