Tiny Brooklyn shop offers portal to beautiful world of Mexican culture

ByChristina Georgiou and Mark Nunez Localish logo
Friday, November 17, 2023
Tiny Brooklyn shop offers portal to beautiful culture of Mexico
"It's not just selling an item. Our mission is to showcase a bigger picture of what Mexico truly is."

CARROLL GARDENS, BROOKLYN -- Mexico In My Pocket is a lifestyle brand, blog, and gift store that challenges negative stereotypes by celebrating the traditions and beauty of Mexican culture.

The intimate gift store, adorned with blue floral patterns and a bright pink windowsill, brings a splash of color to Brooklyn's Court Street.

Mexico In My pocket does not simply sell home decor, clothing, jewelry, and cookbooks. It connects customers with stories, culture, and a passionate community that celebrates Mexico every day.

"I consider myself a storyteller more than a store owner," said Luisa Navarro, the founder and heart of Mexico In My Pocket. "It's not just selling an item. Our mission is to showcase a bigger picture of what Mexico truly is."

Each item sold at Mexico In My Pocket has its own unique story and connection to Mexican culture.

"When people come into our gift shop I try to tell them the stories of where all of the products are made, who made them, and why they're important to the culture," said Navarro.

Originally a blog, Mexico In My Pocket hit a turning point in 2020 when Navarro started selling products from Mexico. Artisans were struggling due to reduced tourism during the pandemic.

With her dedicated Instagram community, she decided to help these artisans by featuring their products in her blog. Her passion, combined with her audience's support, led to the Mexico In My Pocket gift shop, where you can find authentic products made by local artisans.

Their tagline, "Fall in love with Mexico," perfectly captures their mission. Through captivating photos and merchandise, cooking classes, book tours, and even planned trips to Mexican colonial towns, Navarro showcases the magic of Mexico's culture and practices to challenge negative stereotypes.

"When I was a very little girl, I grew up in Dallas, Texas, in a very Mexican home, and I only spoke Spanish. So when I went to school, it was really hard for me to make friends," said Navarro.

"As I grew older, I realized that the representation of Mexicans in the media wasn't how I wanted us to be seen. So I started a blog to get people to understand how amazing being Mexican is. And so that's how Mexico in my pocket started."

Today, Navarro works between two worlds, acting as a bridge between cultures.

"My dad tells me all the time, Luisa, like you're very privileged that you speak both languages, but you're able to travel between both countries," said Navarro. "This is a privilege that I don't take lightly, and I thank my lucky stars every single day."