Tour This Vintage Mickey Mouse House

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Thursday, February 27, 2020
Take a look inside this vintage Mickey Mouse House
This home owners house made him a Mickeyologist.

Mickey Mouse is undeniably the world's most popular mouse. Wherever his image appears, smiles follow. And perhaps nobody knows this better than Bernie Shine, or as many people call him, "Mickeyologist." Shine has been collecting vintage Mickey artifacts and one-of-kind treasures since 1969. He first fell in love with the mouse when he bought a 1932 Mickey watch, but sold it for a small amount to a thrift shop, but quickly regretted it. Soon after Shine found and bought another watch, and since that day forward he became a diehard, insatiable Mickey Mouse collector, specifically Mickeys only from the 1930s.

Today. The 'Mickeyologist' home in Los Angeles could be called the 'Mouse House.' It's filled with games, watched, toys, dolls, even an original Walt Disney business card. When ABC7's George Pennacchio asked Shine, "How many Mickey items do you think you've collected?" Shine had no idea, but he did share a desire to one day share all of his collectibles in some for or fashion. As he put it, "It's better when this kind of Mickey magic and joy is shared."

Over the years, the popularity of Mickey grew and Shine has stayed true to the original look and style of Mickey in the '30s when he had a tail and pie eyes.

Shine believes, "Mickey Mouse is one of the most powerful images of the 20th Century."