Texas governor's office denies bussing 12 migrants to San Jose

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Thursday, October 5, 2023
Texas governor's office denies bussing 12 migrants to SJ
Texas Governor Greg Abbott's office confirmed to ABC7 News that they did not bus 12 migrants to San Jose from El Paso last week.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- New details continue to emerge about the mysterious arrival of undocumented migrants at a San Jose church.

Santa Clara County officials have confirmed 12 people - five children and seven adults - were left there without warning or resources.

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The county says it happened Saturday around 8 p.m. Some of the 12 came from Venezuela and others from Ecuador.

They were dropped off near a San Jose church on Willow Street.

Officials with Santa Clara County said they were given no resources or direction.

"It was late at night that they arrived and they were looking around for where they might go or what their next steps might be, they ended up at the Washington Youth Center," said Aundraya Martinez.

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From there, they were connected with community groups who serve immigrants.

Martinez manages the county's Office of Immigrant Relations. She says few details are known about who sent the migrants to San Jose.

"From our understanding with our the reports from our partners on the ground, who are directly supporting the migrants who have arrived, migrants were previously detained in El Paso, Texas, and were put on a bus of with the choice of Colorado or California," Martinez said.

The county and community groups have come together to give the people food, case managers and places to stay.

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"They have been through a lot in this journey from even starting before they got on the bus," Martinez said, "So I think they're processing what they've been through. But it's a traumatic experience."

The county says it's working with partners to determine who sent the 12 migrants to San Jose.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's office told ABC7 that they are still only busing to D.C., New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver and L.A.

Right now, Santa Clara County says they don't know if more buses could be on the way but have had a plan in place for this type of scenario for some time, one they'll continue to implement as needed.

"We are prepared for an arrival of migrants to our community, given what we're seeing in other large cities and counties across the country," Martinez said.

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