Mondays at Racine fights cancer with the healing of beauty

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Friday, March 20, 2020
Fighting cancer with the healing of beauty
Mondays at Racine is using beauty services to change the lives of people diagnosed with cancer.

ISLIP, New York -- Mondays at Racine is using beauty services to change the lives of people diagnosed with cancer.

"In 1989 my mother passed away to cancer," said co-founder, Rachel Demolfetto. "Fast forward many years later, my sister and I decided why don't we do something more than giving gift cards to various charities let's do something more substantial."

Their mission is to encourage a self-empowering, mind-body approach to treatment, in concert with traditional medicine, to ensure wellness and vitality. They provide services to men and women who are currently in chemotherapy, radiation, and treatment for cancer.

"The minute I walked in the door was like I was walking into heaven," said client, Liz Dagrossa. "The energy immediately felt right after you just saw smiles, laughter, tears, and hugs. As a person going through treatment, it was like, I can't even describe it, I can't put it into words."

Mondays at Racine offer head shaving, nail services, facials, acupuncture, and guided meditation to name a few.

"As women, we always want to nurture everyone else, but coming here they're nurturing us," said client Jamie Colangelo. "I just know that everyone feels blessed by what they do. People don't realize the emotional effect of it all and coming here has restored a lot of who I am."

Every service provider that conducts treatments at Mondays at Racine is trained, certified, and educated on the Mondays at Racine Oncology protocols that are backed by a medical board.

"There are angels in this building," said client Michele Meyer. "From what I was when I first walked in here, a total wreck, to now - I'm okay, I'm going to be okay."


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