3 more bear sightings in Vacaville after one spotted earlier this week

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Thursday, May 5, 2022
3 more bear sightings in Vacaville neighborhood this week
More concern among those living in Solano County as there were at least three additional bear sightings that occurred in Vacaville.

VACAVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- More concern among those living in Solano County as there were at least three additional bear sightings that occurred in Vacaville on Wednesday.

You may remember Monday that neighborhood streets were closed off for part of the day as a bear was up in a tree. Now more sightings across town.

"We got a fat-- bear," yelled one person in cell phone video recorded Wednesday morning.

That video, and another sent to ABC7 News were recorded just a half mile from where there were road closures due to Monday's "bear sighting."

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Vacaville police warn residents to keep an eye out for black bear spotted in neighborhood and to stay indoors if they see animal.

"This is the time of year when the cubs from last year, they are called yearlings, now they're going to be dispersing from their mother, so you have families like this dispersing all over from bear country," says Ann Bryant of the nonprofit group Bear League.

And while bears in Vacaville may sound crazy, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirm that bears have been known to frequent some hillsides in northern Solano County.

A Ring camera recorded another bear sighting in Vacaville on Wednesday too, 4 miles away in the Browns Valley neighborhood.

Bryant says she's seen an additional video showing a larger bear in the area and believes there may be several from the hills or outside of town now in Vacaville.

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"But to have that bigger bear in the same area would almost tell me that we have two cubs and a mother," says Bryant.

Bryant says the bear seen in a fenced in backyard was likely attracted to the garbage cans. She says trash needs to be secured and you need to be territorial if a bear comes on your property, saying these are black bears, even though many are brown, and no black bear has ever killed a human in California, Nevada, or Oregon.

"You need to make sure they do not feel welcome. Yell at them and say 'Get out of here' you can even pick up a little golf size rock and throw it at their rump, not at their face or at their head, but at their rump or at their side. The fires really chased a lot of bears around. The bear league has been getting calls ever since the fall from late last summer when the fires were burning, people were seeing bears in areas that they had never seen them before they realized that they were coming because of the fires," says Bryant.

For more information about bears or for a bear emergency you can contact the BEAR League at (530)525-PAWS (7297) or go to their web site www.savebears.org. That number is a 24-hour hotline as the group is based out of the Lake Tahoe area.

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