Cast of Hulu's 'Mother/Android' talks humans vs. machines in movie based on director's real-life

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Friday, December 17, 2021
Stars talk about true-story elements of Hulu's 'Mother/Android'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Chloe Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, and Raul Castillo about starring in Hulu's "Mother/Android."

NEW YORK -- Androids have lashed out against the human race and have become killing machines in Hulu's new movie, "Mother/Android."

The clock is ticking for Georgia, played by Chlo Grace Moretz, who is nine months pregnant.

"I think it was a lot of fun to not only play nine months pregnant but be able to be nine months pregnant and still do action sequences, and still kind of pushing, pushing through the story in a way that doesn't feel like she's just leaning back," she said.

Georgia leads the way as her boyfriend Sam, played by Algee Smith, supports her, even when they hit a rough patch.

Androids have lashed out against the human race and have become killing machines in Hulu's new movie, "Mother/Android."

"There has to be some type of patience with him knowing that okay, this woman is pregnant with my child, I love this woman at the same time, I just know how to deal with everything that is coming out now, I can't get too upset, I have to keep the peace for us to make it through this situation alive," Smith said.

As grueling as their journey to safety looks in the film, the stars say it was brutal for them too, often battling the elements and hiking five miles a day. Chloe had to do it with a 20-pound belly strapped to her.

"So, we actually attached it to a corset that way when I was running and I was moving and stuff like that it would actually restrict my breathing in a way that I would have more shallow breath like a pregnant woman would have," Moretz said.

"There was a tough day where me and Chlo had, where it was very cold outside, it was raining on top of the rain that they were adding on set, and we really didn't, we had to shoot this long shot, and it was freezing cold, we just had to hug each other and hold on to each other," Smith said.

Georgia and Sam eventually meet "Albert" who has a strong desire to help them survive.

Raúl Castillo says he loved how the story was rooted in the real-life experiences of their director and the film's writer, Mattson Tomlin.

"It was exciting and the story is so deeply personal for Mattson and that's to me always grounded it in truth and although it is larger than life in this sci-fi aspect of it all, it's driven by real heart at the end of the day," Castillo said.

"It's based on his true story of his parents and what they went through," Moretz said. "And so for me his sensibility within it and the way that he just took this story on and the way that it came directly from his heart it was something that I hadn't really seen before from the directors that I had worked with"

"Mother/Android" explores what it means to be human. It also begs the question, how do you know when technology has gone too far?

"I think I've always been a little afraid of Siri, you know what I mean?" Moretz joked, "We carry little GPS trackers in our pockets every day, you know, iPhones are listening to all, but at some point, it is a bit inevitable, there are not many places you can go in this world and not be under surveillance of some sort."

"Mother/Android" begins streaming Friday, December 17 on Hulu.