Napa carolers gather in defiance of state lockdown order

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- A group of carolers gathered in Napa Wednesday night in defiance of the state's lockdown order.

About 40 people, most of them not wearing masks, gathered at Veteran's Park for a "Defy Newsom Christmas Caroling Event." They wanted to show support for the Napa business community and highlight what they see as inconsistencies in the state's restrictions.

"So for Christmas, we are not supposed to sing but we can go shopping. So there's a whole bunch of it's OK to do this and not OK to do this so when is it OK?" said Kelly Heath, California Assembly.

Actor Kirk Cameron is facing criticism for hosting similar large gatherings in Southern California. About 100 people, few if any wearing masks, showed up for a caroling event at a mall in Thousand Oaks Tuesday night.

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