Budget shutdown shutters Bay Area parks, tourist attractions

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Monday, January 22, 2018
Budget shutdown shutters Bay Area tourist attractions
Famous Bay Area landmarks located on Federal property posted closed signs Sunday, victims of the Government shutdown.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Famous Bay Area landmarks located on Federal property posted closed signs Sunday, victims of the Government shutdown.

Runners, bikers and tourists were shocked to see gates and signs posted on the road to Fort Point in San Francisco.

"I'm really surprised to see the area closed off, I've never seen that before and I've lived here since the 90's," said Tammy Cooper.

Fort Point is part of the Golden Gate National recreation area, impacted by the government shutdown.

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But many people chose to ignore the signs and go around the gates.

"This is so ridiculous. Of course we're not going to pay attention to the signs. We want to see the bridge. It's beautiful," Said Seana Maller, who lives in Santa Cruz.

In Marin County, U.S. Park police blocked the entrance to the parking lot at Muir Woods. The National monument closed for the first time on Sunday in the wake of the government shutdown.

Rangers told visitors who showed up they could enter the woods but only at their own risk.

Alcatraz is another one of the main destinations in the Bay Area affected by the shutdown.

Ferries are still running from Pier 33, taking tourists to The Rock. The island will stay open but there won't be any rangers to give tours. Tourists won't be able to visit at night either, or get a behind-the-scenes look at the prison.

"I mean obviously all these people are visitors to our beautiful city and a lot of them, you know, come, you know a lot of them have said you know it's Alcatraz that's the draw and it's a must see in San Francisco and for them not to experience it, you know especially for people who are coming from all over the world is disappointing," Antonette Sespene said.

Alcatraz closed down in 2013 during the last shutdown.

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Some of the boat services furloughed employees, and the government had to refund thousands of tickets.

Other popular spots in the Bay Area will be closed or have limited access.

Muir Woods is closed as the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is supposed to close Sunday.

Other places may be accessible but there won't be any services provided by the National Parks Service.

The Marin Headlands Visitor Center and restrooms will be closed.

So will the Point Bonita Lighthouse and Stinson Beach. Fort Point will also be closed.

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