Bay Area beats, dance troops and sequins: How Oracle becomes 'Roaracle'

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Game 2 may have been in another country, thousands of miles away, but Warriors fans still showed up to Oracle Area Sunday night-- 13,000 of them!

'Roaracle' doesn't need a whole lot of help getting fired up, but to keep the mood as high as a Warriors' scoreboard, DJ D Sharp spins some serious Bay Area beats.

2019 NBA FINALS SCHEDULE: Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors

"I love it all. I mean Too Short is a great favorite, Blow The Whistle tears this arena up, the crowd goes crazy for it! Anything from E40," said DJ D Sharp who's been the Warriors DJ for seven years.

The Warriors Junior Jam Squad also knows how to bring up the decibels at Oracle.

Jr Otico has been dancing with the squad for six years and has developed a seriously superstitious pre-game ritual.

"I come here like an hour before and outside in the parking lot, I pour milk, get some Lucky Charms and I eat it," explained Otico, who says the rainbow marshmallows are the luckiest.

Game 2 was tense, with the Warriors down by double digits at points.

"I'm relieved because at the end, they really did try to take it from us," said happy Warriors fan, Mary McKnight, who is looking forward to seeing the Raptors on Warriors Ground this Wednesday.

"There were some bad calls out there, but you know the heart of a champion and we pulled it out. Gotta beat 'em all: the teams, the refs, everybody. And now we're coming back home," exclaimed McKnight.

Game 3 against the Raptors, is this Wednesday at Oracle and airs on ABC7.

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