Prospect Park Zoo debuting Bolivian titi monkeys

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Friday, February 19, 2016

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Two Bolivian titi monkeys are making their public debut at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Prospect Park Zoo.

The monkeys, a male and a female, share their habitat with a pair of white-faced saki monkeys. Both species are New World monkeys, indigenous to South America. Titis and sakis have overlapping ranges in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, and titi monkeys are also found in northern Paraguay.

Titi monkeys are arboreal and diurnal, meaning they dwell in trees and are active during the day. Their diet in the wild, as well as at the zoo, consists of fruits, leaves, and insects.

The new titis live in the zoo's Hall of Animals Building. Other monkey species at the Prospect Park Zoo include Geoffroy's marmosets, Geoffroy's tamarins, golden lion tamarins and hamadryas baboons.

The Prospect Park and Queens zoos are celebrating the Year of the Monkey with special activities to ring in the Lunar New Year. Activities at the Prospect Park Zoo are Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 27 and 28. Activities at the Queens Zoo are Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 20 and 21.