Group launches campaign against judge in Stanford sex assault case

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- Opponents of a judge that sentenced former Stanford swimmer to six months in jail have launched a month-long ad campaign against him.

Aaron Persky is the judge known around the nation for sentencing Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexual assault.

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Turner is expected to be release in September after serving just three months in county jail.

Persky has been widely criticized by victims advocacy groups after sentencing Turner.

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He is running unopposed this November for re-election, but after that he may have to deal with yet another election.

If you drive on the San Mateo Bridge, you'll see a new and unique billboard with the words: "Protect survivors, not rapists." It's not up there to sell a product, it's to remove Persky from office.

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The sign was put up by a group called Ultraviolet. They recently submitted one million signatures to the state commission on judicial performance, demanding his removal from the bench.

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This comes after Persky gave Turner the six month sentence after he was convicted of sexual assault on another student, a sentence the group considers too lenient. "We believe this was not a problem of the law being inadequate. We believe this was a problem of judge Persky being inadequate," Stanford law professor Michele Dauber said.

Dauber is supportive of that movement, but she's fighting the judge on another front. Dauber's using the ballot box to recall him. "We're going to collect 70 to 80,000 signatures.

We'll submit them probably in June and will get it certified probably for the November 2017 ballot.

Dauber's group has begun raising money for that recall campaign.

An email is being sent to Santa Clara County voters in hopes they'll be generous donors.

The judge's supporters say removing him for controversial sentence takes away a judge's judicial independence.

County public defender Gary Goodman believes the sentence was not lenient because Turner will have to register as a sex offender. "It will affect your life 100 percent for the rest of your life," Goodman said.

The goal of the recall group is to raise $1 million.

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