Investigators work to find cause of plane crash in Concord neighborhood

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Federal aviation investigators will start looking at pieces of a single-engine plane that crashed into a Concord intersection Friday afternoon. The pilot of the single-engine Glastar managed to survive the crash.

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The plane had mechanical problems after taking off from Buchannan Field Airport.

"There was a lot of fuel on the ground," said witness Mike Davy, who was buying a car at a nearby dealership when the crash occurred.

Davey was there with his wife Kim. "The pilot was down on the ground," he said. "Laying down. I talked to a motorcycle officer and he said the pilot was going to be okay."

The small plane had just taken off from the airport when the pilot reported a rough-running engine.

He turned around to return but lost altitude. The plane flew over Highway 4 clipped a fence then skidded across four lanes on Marsh Drive before hitting a light pole.

Hazmat crews cleaned up spilled fuel and wreckage was scattered across the intersection.

"A piece of the airplane did hit a car sitting over there," Davey told ABC7 News. "It smashed out a window."

The pilot was taken to a nearby hospital, then emergency officials spent several hours de-fueling the plane.

"The pilot did a great job. He had engine problems, he looked for a place to put it down," said airport official Keith Freitas. "He did a great job, nobody on the ground was injured and he was able to walk away from the accident."

Crews towed the smashed up single-engine Galstar, now FAA and NTSB investigators will examine it to figure out what caused the crash.
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