Gov. Newsom cancels daily press update: Here's what we'll be missing

Is Gov. Gavin Newsom speaking today? The answer is no. Here's how we'll meet the moment, without his live update.
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you're here to stream Gov. Gavin Newsom's daily press conference, a fixture of noontime in California in the era of coronavirus, we've got some bad news for you.

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After weeks of bringing us the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than a few Gavinisms thrown in, Newsom has opted to cancel his Friday briefing.

Instead, he'll be in a closed-door meeting with legislators to work on the state budget. According to Los Angeles Times reporter John Myers, the governor may be switching from a daily Monday-through-Friday briefing and doing more occasional updates instead.

As you know, the $54 billion budget deficit we're facing is rather sobering. All this, while Newsom understands the deep eagerness for counties to make meaningful modifications to stay-at-home orders. But don't be fooled: we're not out of the woods yet when it comes to fighting the coronavirus.

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How will we meet this moment? When his daily briefing was so foundational to us all? (If you understand these inside jokes, you too may be suffering from an overexposure to Gavin Newsom.)

Ok, want us to move on? If you're not here for the Gavinisms (thanks for sticking with us!), we've got a news catch-up for you:

  • On Thursday, Newsom released the May revise of the state's budget. He explained several programs will be cut, and state employees will face a 10% salary cut, if the state doesn't receive federal assistance. (Full story here.)

  • Earlier this week, Newsom joined with the rest of the Western States Pact to request $1 trillion in federal aid for states and local governments. (Full story here.)

  • The governor also laid out strict guidelines for counties to start reopening dine-in restaurants, office buildings and shopping malls. But local conditions only allow 22 of California's 58 counties to move further into Phase 2 at this point. None of them are in the Bay Area. (Full story here.)

When Gov. Newsom does decide to hold press conferences, we'll be streaming them on Keep an ear out for some of those sayings we sprinkled in. But be warned, and let's not be naive: You can't unhear the Gavinisms.

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And if you can't go without a dose of Gavin (and a little laugh) today, comedian Seth Meyers' brother does a pretty spot-on impression.

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