Napa's Hidden Hills community honors firefighting heroes who saved their homes

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Hidden Hills is a close knit Napa neighborhood. But, Saturday's block party was not your usual one.

It was a gathering of gratitude for two guys, Eli Ponce and Dan Wynn.

Back in October, ABC7 News showed you the fire lines carved by bulldozers driven by Eli and Dan.

Eli provided the dozers. He and Dan jumped into action and put his training from the marines into use.

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"When Dan and Eli jumped on their dozers it was incredible. It felt like we had savior in our midst, the fact that they didn't think twice about doing it," neighbor Sean Dempsey said.

"From here we were the last line of defense, if it went over us then all the houses were gonna burn," Ponce said.

Neighbors wrote personal thank you notes, part of a celebration in true wine country style.

Everyone calls them heroes, but when you talk to them you get the sense they're just two low key, nice guys.

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"All the people are so appreciative; we didn't do it for this. We did it to save the houses, we were running on pure adrenaline that night," Wynn said.

The Partrick Fire was moving closer to their neighborhood. Many were evacuated and Cal Fire had limited resources to protect these homes.

"It makes me realize how thankful, when people do amazing things it really makes a difference," neighbor Nancy Dempsey said.

"We knew that we could make a difference if we worked together and that's what we did the entire time," Wynn said.

Sixty nine homes in Hidden Hills are still standing. And adjacent neighborhoods were left untouched.

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