Santa Rosa firestorm survivor reflects on losing home, gaining perspective

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- For many survivors of the North Bay wildfires, the one year anniversary is about reflection and perspective in the wake of the tragedy.

John Graves spoke to ABC7 News last October, as he watched his home of 25 years burn in Santa Rosa.

"That morning my home was in ruin, it was chaos," said Graves.

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We caught up with Graves, his wife Kim and their dog Jerry at the condo they've been renting since the fires. A picture of the home they lost hangs on the wall.

The Graves' will rebuild in the same spot on Ranchette Road, but building permits and insurance payments have delayed the process.

"You have to be patient and persistent," said Graves.

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A year later Graves is taking stock of the things the fire did not destroy.

"I lost a lot of material things but other stuff was still there, we were all together," Graves added.

The fire anniversary has been difficult for Kim Graves. She returns to the site of her old house often.

"The dog loves it here, I bring him here once a week. I'm coming back too, I look forward to that day," said Kim.

The Graves Family hope their new home will be rebuilt by next Fall.

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