EXCLUSIVE: East Bay man says daughter hit by full bullet, not 'fragment' at Oakland A's game

The victim's father says city officials intentionally try to "minimize what happens" around the Coliseum

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022
EXCLUSIVE: Woman hit by full bullet at A's game, not 'fragment'
An East Bay woman was shot with a full bullet on her hand at the A's game at the Coliseum on July Fourth, not a 'fragment' as Oakland officials said.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- An East Bay woman is recovering after a full bullet was shot into her hand at the A's game at the Coliseum July Fourth. The shocking x-ray shows the injury as much more serious than "bullet fragments"- the term used by Oakland police and Mayor Libby Schaaf describe the "celebratory gunfire" that came from up to a mile away.

Kevin is requesting his last name be hidden as the trauma of what happened to his daughter is still painful. All she wanted on July Fourth, was to be at the Oakland A's game and watch the fireworks.

"It was a wonderful game" says Kevin as he showed us video he took from section 123 where they sat.

You can hear the song "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang, even playing in the background after the A's win against Toronto.

"The mood before the incident was wonderful... it was festive and celebratory. It was a wonderful experience until that point. " says Kevin.

PREVIOUS VIDEO: Bullet fragments that hit 5 A's fans likely came from within 1 mile of Coliseum, OPD says

Oakland police say five fans inside the A's Coliseum were struck by bullet fragments from celebratory gunfire occurring throughout the city.

That "point" came shortly after the fireworks began.

"She immediately screamed 'I'm hit!' We didn't know what it was... but you could immediately see blood and see the pain was going through...it was described as searing."

Kevin's daughter who requested we not use her name was one of six people Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said had been hit by celebratory gunfire.

The term "fragments" was also used by Mayor Libby Schaaf following the incident.

"It seems intentional to minimize what happens in that area on a regular basis," says Kevin.

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ABC7 News spoke to a veteran firearms expert who said what Kevin's daughter's x-ray shows is not fragments but a full bullet, most likely from an AK-47 or similar style weapon. The x-ray shows the trajectory of the bullet, which entered through the area between her index and middle finger and to the left side of her hand near her wrist.

"It's incredibly painful and it's difficult to watch as a parent" says Kevin, who continued "She's in constant pain and discomfort and it's incredibly difficult to watch."

When we asked Oakland police about the disparity in their messaging and Kevin's daughter's x-ray, the department responded in part saying:

During the preliminary investigation, officers located bullet projectiles on the field and within the surrounding areas of the coliseum. The following day, July 5, the investigators, and technicians returned to the coliseum with metal detectors locating bullet fragments, deformed rounds, and full projectile in-tact rounds.

Initially, bullet fragments were believed to cause all the victims' injuries, however, upon further medical treatment, it was discovered some of the victims were struck by full rounds consistent with celebratory gunfire.

The Oakland Police Department and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering a reward up to $20,000 for information leading to an arrest(s). This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the OPD Felon Assault Unit at (510) 238-3426.

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OPD did not elaborate on how many other victims were hit by bullets. The Mayor's office also requested we direct questions about the gunfire to OPD.

Kevin says his daughter is having the bullet surgically removed Wednesday but the prognosis is good. They both know the damage could have been much worse, or even fatal.

"There were several people behind us with young kids."

Father and daughter don't plan to attend more games at the Coliseum anytime soon. Kevin though hopes by speaking out, it sends this message to the public.

"Officials need to acknowledge the problem is much more dangerous than they're portraying it as currently. They need to do something about the chaos surrounding the Coliseum."

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