Oakland Athletics fans excited for the season, but not very optimistic

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Friday, March 31, 2023
Oakland A's fans excited for the season, but not very optimistic
An exciting night in Oakland as the Athletics opened up the regular Season by beating the Los Angeles Angels 2-1.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- An exciting night in Oakland as the Athletics opened up the regular season by beating the Los Angeles Angels 2-1.

But it's been an offseason full of uncertainty as the team wants a new stadium and could move out of the Bay Area to get one.

Before the game we spoke with fans.

"Go A's! Lets get this win!" yelled one fan.

Opening night at the Coliseum for the Oakland Athletics and fans were tailgating early.

"So are you excited about the A's here or what?" we asked lifetime Athletics fan Carlos Curiel.

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"I can't say I'm excited, like we're going to have a bad year," said Curiel.

A's fans like Carlos keeping it real Thursday night. well aware of the Athletics stadium saga. The team is eyeing Oakland's Howard Terminal, but also looking at other locations in Las Vegas. Curiel canceled his season tickets this year for the first time in 17 years.

"It looks like like we're not really trying right now. Honestly it looks like we're just trying to go to Vegas and move over there," said Curiel.

"It's tough being an A's fan, it's tough being a Raiders fan but we're used to it at this point," said Alyssa Hamilton.

Many though, tried to make the best of an uncertain situation.

"I enjoy Vegas. I'm going to stay loyal whether they're the Las Vegas A's or the Oakland A's," said Alfonso Contreras.

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On this Opening Night, the talk about who to watch centered around a player on the other team, Shoehei Ohtani, arguably the best player in the league.

"He's a sweet player, he's a unique person all over the world," said a fan wearing Ohtani's jersey.

"It's nice and coming out to see Ohtani," said Tim Gonzales from the Bay Area.

"You're here for Ohtani, not the A's?" we asked.

"I like the A's too," said Gonzales.

There was criticism online about how many fans were actually in the stadium when the game started, but 45 minutes after first pitch and fans were still on their way into the ballpark. Plenty of die-hard Oakland fans in attendance.

"The A's are probably going to have a tough year and I'm okay with it," said Mannie Nunez.

Most fans were not expecting a whole lot but proud to rep The Town's team that for the time being plays at 'Baseball's Last Dive Bar,' The Oakland Coliseum.

As to why the team would want to leave, fans we talked with could go on for days about that.

"Because the conditions here aren't good. Because Oakland doesn't love us the way we love Oakland. Oakland does not love us the way we love Oakland that is exactly right!" said Athletics fan Rebekah Mitchell.

"I think they're already scouting places, they already know, they're doing the work to try and make people happy here but I think they've already made their decision, but I hope not. We like to be optimistic, prove us wrong," said A's fan Carolina Sims.

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