Coliseum City planners not deterred by Carson's vote

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Coliseum City planners not deterred by Carson's vote
Following the city of Carson's vote to build a new stadium for the Oakland Raiders, Coliseum City planners say they're not intimidated.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- In Oakland, Coliseum planners say they are not discouraged by developments in the city of Carson in Southern California. Tuesday night, the council there planned to move ahead with plans to build a flashy new stadium for the Oakland Raiders.

Coliseum City planners in Oakland say what happens in Carson doesn't affect them. However, the Oakland A's are not exactly on board with building two stadiums on one site.

"It's Christmas to me! My Raiders are coming back, the Chargers. L.A. is ready for this, we're ready," said a Raiders fan.

The party is on in the Los Angeles County city of Carson, after the city council there voted to move ahead with a joint stadium plan for both the Raiders and San Diego Chargers.

"We are still working aggressively," Scott McKibben, the Coliseum Authority executive director, said.

But those involved in stadium planning in Oakland, seem mostly, unfazed.

"The Carson City Council had to vote so they could take this stadium issue and kind of keep it moving forward. It doesn't really change our position or our game plan whatsoever," McKibben said.

"In order to save the teams, we must also support the teams," Coliseum City developer Floyd Kephart said.

To that end, Kephart addressed business leaders and fellow developers in Oakland about creating the kind of venue that entice both teams to stay.

"We're here because we see the opportunity to be a part of something that will change the face of the city and the region," Kephart said.

One problem, according to McKibben, is the A's ownership has said they are not interested in sharing property with the Oakland Raiders, even if each team has its own building. The big issue is parking.

"We don't harbor any grudges against their philosophical view on it. It's just that our mission is we believe it's best for the region, and for the city, and for the county to have both teams still here.

One thing is certain, all that partying in Carson does put more pressure on planners in Oakland to find the money and get a deal done soon.