EXCLUSIVE: Truck driver says stray bullet shattered his window on Oakland freeway

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Bullet shatters truck driver's window on Oakland freeway
A truck driver in Oakland believes a stray bullet came within inches of hitting him Monday morning as he drove along I-880 near High Street.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A truck driver in Oakland believes a stray bullet came within inches of hitting him Monday morning as he drove along the interstate.

It happened near High Street along I-880. CHP says they have not yet received a report of what happened.

Pictures show the shattered out window of a semi-truck. The driver who is okay, believes a stray bullet was to blame.

"One window on the driver's side. Like somebody wants to kill him," said Enhong Zhen who is president of United Bridge Trucking in Oakland. He says his driver was in a semi going northbound on I-880 just past High Street and before 29th Avenue at around 9:30 a.m. on Monday.

"Driving the speed limit, only 50 miles per hour like that and then he doesn't know what happened -- the window is broken -- hears a noise then the window is broken," said Zhen.

"He got very lucky because just a matter of a split second and he could have been killed, so it was a very close call," said Carl Chan who is president of the Oakland Chinatown Foundation and also spoke with Zhen.

"I think the driver is pretty shaken up at this point so he doesn't even know what may have happened and if he was being followed or not," said Chan.

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Oakland police tell us that any incident on the highway is handled by the California Highway Patrol. CHP tells us they haven't received any reports regarding this incident.

Zhen says he did try to reach out to authorities but had some issues in doing so.

Chan tells us that many in Oakland often hesitate to report crimes like this out of safety concerns and fears that they could lose their insurance.

"Nowadays doing business throughout the Bay Area especially in Oakland, many insurance are actually cancelling many business insurance policies or they will be raising it up so high people are so frustrated," said Chan.

Fortunately in this case, no one was hurt - unfortunately there are still a number of unanswered questions as to if a bullet hit this window and where it actually came from. So far, no bullet has been recovered and no second window broken.

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