Jasper Wu: Rival gang shootout led to child's death on Oakland highway; 3 arrested, officials say

23-month-old Jasper was in a car with his mother and family when a bullet went through their front windshield on I-880 in Oakland.

Friday, December 16, 2022
Rival gang shootout led to child's death on Oakland highway: officials
The Alameda County DA announced three arrests were made in connection to the fatal Oakland freeway shooting of 23-month-old Jasper Wu last year.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Alameda County District Attorney's office announced on Thursday that three arrests were made in connection to the fatal Oakland highway shooting of 23-month-old Jasper Wu last year.

On Nov. 6, 2021, Jasper was in a car with his mother, aunt, and cousins on the way home to Fremont when a bullet went through their front windshield in the area of northbound Interstate 880, near Interstate 980.

District Attorney Nancy O'Malley confirmed that the shooting that happened last year was the result of a rolling shootout between San Francisco rival gangs.

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The family of 23-month of Jasper Wu, gathered at a makeshift memorial along the SouthBound lanes of 880 in Oakland late Monday morning.

"The driver of the Altima, Keison Lee was shot in the lower back. He has since been killed in what is to believe more gang warfare. But, Lee went to the hospital that afternoon in San Francisco. Through the great work of the CHP, they recovered the Altima with bullet holes near the hospital," said Alameda County District Attorney, Nancy O'Malley, "While being treated at SF General, Lee's hands were tested for gunshot residue. Which turned out to be positive. He was interviewed and admitted to being shot on the freeway."

Defendants 34-year-old Johnny Jackson of Richmond, 22-year-old Trevor Green of Richmond, and 24-year-old Ivory Bivins of Vallejo, were charged in Alameda Superior Court with murder, shooting at an occupied vehicle, and possession of a firearm by a felon. Green and Bivins will also be charged with conspiracy and gang-related charges, confirmed California Highway Patrol.

The three remaining suspects face multiple charges including murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle.

"What the DA is going to argue is that the activity here involving rival gangs shooting at one another is such an inherently dangerous activity, that when an innocent person is killed everyone can be charged with murder," legal analyst Steven Clark. said.

Court documents show that Lee said before he died that "Weez" shot him. A reference to Ivory Bivens allegedly being the trigger man in Jasper's killing.

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The bullet that hit Jasper Wu is believe to come from an assault rifle. Documents show the same type of ammunition was found during a search of Trevor Green's home in Richmond.

Clark says there is a potential here for a plea deal but says the defense will still likely question all of this.

"The defense team will now get together and try to show that there is a flaw in this investigation and they're going to say the identity here, even though we want to solve this crime, convicting the wrong people does not bring Jasper Wu back," Clark said.

"This horrific tragedy is a parent's worst nightmare: An innocent child struck by gunfire while riding in the car," O'Malley said in a statement. "Our community mourns with the Wu family. My office will work tirelessly to bring these culprits to justice for the Wu family and for our community."

CHP categorized this case as challenging and said the Wu family was their main driver for justice.

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The freeway shooting death of 23-month-old Jasper Wu has resurfaced the conversation about adding more surveillance cameras to Bay Area freeways.

"Although nothing will replace little Jasper, I hope you would take some solace in the fact that those responsible will have to answer for what they did and that justice will be served," said Jason Reardon, CHP Assistant Chief of the Golden Gate Division.

Via a translator, Jasper Wu's dad thanked officers and the DA's office for their investigation.

"They wish that no family, no one would go through what they have gone through. They want to keep everyone safe," said Carl Chan, community leader and president of Oakland's Chinatown Chamber of Commerce.

Defendants Green and Bivins were driving a dark Infiniti while defendant Jackson and another man, Keison Lee, were in a dark gray Nissan Altima on the day of the shooting. The two parties engaged in a gun battle on 880 in Oakland, investigators said.

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Sources told ABC7 News last year that Jasper was shot in the forehead and caught in gang crossfire. He was pronounced deceased at the hospital shortly after arrival.

"Our commitment to bringing those responsible for Jasper's murder to justice remains paramount, and although charges have been filed, this investigation is still ongoing. As such, no further information regarding this case will be released at this time," said a statement from CHP's Golden Gate Division, the lead investigative team on this case.

According to the District Attorney's Office, suspects Green and Bivins were arrested on warrants for another shooting in Contra Costa County back in March of this year. Lee was shot and killed last month on a separate gang related shooting. Jackson was arrested Wednesday on a warrant. He is expected to be arraigned Friday.

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