Oakland school shooting: Violence interrupters working to defuse incidents, mediate students

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Saturday, October 1, 2022
Oakland school shooting: Violence interrupters defusing incidents
Days after the shooting at Oakland's King Estates Campus, violence interrupters are speaking to students and following up on leads within the school.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- We are learning more details about the shooting that took place at the King Estates School Complex in East Oakland.

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A violence interrupter from the nonprofit Youth Alive! said they are speaking to students and following up on leads and intel from within the school.

Even though there is no credible threat at the moment, there are possibilities of other incidents.

Two days after more than 30 rounds were fired inside Rudsdale High School in East Oakland, access to the campus remains closed but Carlos Jackson with the nonprofit Youth Alive! says their work hasn't stopped. Tensions are running high.

"I was following up with another possible situation," said Carlos Jackson.

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Could yesterday's shooting at Oakland's King Estate Campus have been avoided if police officers were stationed at the schools?

In the middle of our interview, Jackson received a call. Jackson couldn't elaborate on today's lead.

"We are holding space for them as well. You are getting calls. You can go ahead," said Carlos Jackson and added, "We are following up on leads. From emails, text messages, videos, and trying to make sure that what's happened here doesn't spill off into other schools."

Youth Alive! has a violence interrupter on campus who works on de-escalating incidents.

Many of these incidents are tackled through mediation behind the scenes. During a press conference on Thursday, the chief of police said there were at least two shooters responsible for injuring two students and four other adults Wednesday. No arrests have been made.

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"We do believe that this incident is group and gang related," said Chief LeRonne Armstrong, "We know that there were at least two shooters and another accomplice related to this case but there may have been more."

Friday, the Oakland Police Department confirmed they've responded to the King Estates School campus in the past couple of months.

Rudsdale High is one of three schools on that campus. Jackson says they are helping students cope while trying to prevent the escalation of violence and retaliation after the shooting.

"We are always trying to be alert and trying to get ahead of situations before they happen. Whenever we hear certain names or incidents we try to top in with our clients. We try to tap in with our participants and members of the community," said Jackson.

There is surveillance video of the shooting where at least two suspects can be seen inside the school. Oakland police have not released this video yet. We followed up on this Friday and was told they are going to have to confirm with investigators if this video will be available. No arrests have been made yet.

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