'Keep guns away from young people': Frustration, grief as Oakland marks 100th homicide of year

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Oakland police investigating city's 100th homicide this year
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Oakland police are investigating the city's 100th homicide this year after a fatal shooting Monday afternoon, according to officials.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland police are investigating the city's 100th homicide this year after a fatal shooting Monday afternoon, according to officials.

The Oakland Police Officers' Association (POA) says the shooting occurred in the 1300 block of Kirkham Street just before 3 p.m.

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When officers arrived they found one shooting victim who had already died as a result of their injuries.

The Oakland POA says this shooting is the city's 100th homicide this year.

Police say the victim's identity is being withheld until the victim's family is notified.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Homicide Section at (510) 238-3821 or the TIP LINE at (510) 238-7950.

Stopping Oakland's chronic epidemic of violence remains a looming challenge for police, politicians and community advocates.

"This weekend we saw senseless violence in the city of Oakland," said Oakland Police Chief LaRonne Armstrong.

Oakland Police Chief Leronne Armstrong condemned more incidents of gun violence Monday. Less than a week after six adults were shot and wounded by unidentified shooters on Oakland's King Estates School campus, two Berkeley teenage brothers were shot and killed at a house party on Apgar Street Saturday night. Two others were wounded.

VIDEO: Frustration, grief as Oakland's homicide rate marks 100 this year

"We know the shooting is not gang related, we believe this was the result of a conflict at school previously. We believe three individuals came in a vehicle, entered the home and started firing rounds," Armstrong said.

Armstrong says no suspects have been caught but believes they will be brought to justice.

They are sobering statistics no one is proud of, 100 homicides in Oakland this year, 106 at this time last year. How to stop the violence, it depends on who you ask.

"It's essential that police resources have to be prioritized to stop gun violence," said Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan.

Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan says the city council has voted to hire more police evidence technicians and fund gun tracing equipment.

"So the illegal guns can be traced back to point of origin and people selling death to our community can be put out of business," said Kaplan.

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Several council members are backing a resolution, asking Alameda County officials to reimagine the approach to youth justice, moving away from a system of punishment to a care-centered approach.

"We care about youth in our city, insuring young people have the basic needs," said Dieudonne Brou from Urban Peace Movement.

John Jones is a violence interrupter for BOSS, Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency.

"A lot of people entangled in gun violence, it's not a matter of them being criminals, it's a matter of what does my life mean to me, what does my future look like, we're seeing a lot of that," Jones said.

For police, the struggle goes on, keeping guns away from kids.

"We have to keep guns away from young people, it's an issue for families, these things start at home," Armstrong added.

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