Police break up large sideshow in Oakland

Byby Cornell Barnard KGO logo
Monday, February 5, 2018
Police cite drivers, break up large sideshow in Oakland
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Police in Oakland broke up a large sideshow near Fremont High early Sunday morning.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- There was screeching tires and burning rubber in Oakland early Sunday. A large crowd gathered on High Street to watch a sideshow play out.

The owner of a nearby Exxon station says sideshow spectators vandalized his business with the trail of broken glass.

Surveillance video from inside the store after doors were locked shows a crowd smashing the front glass door. Several people are seen running in and out with stolen merchandise. The clerk inside was not hurt, he called 911.

"As business owners we definitely feel scared, it's the responsibility of OPD to make things safer for us," said the station owner, who declined to give his name.

When officers responded, some had bottles thrown at them by the crowd. No officers were injured.

The Oakland Police Department says it towed 30 cars from the scene and cited 147 people involved in the sideshow, part of its ongoing crackdown on the illegal stunts.