Oikos mass shooting suspect ruled unfit to stand trial

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- An Alameda County judge has found the suspect in the Oikos University shooting unfit to stand trial after a mental competency hearing.

One Goh, 47, has admitted to the killings and said he wants to die and will not participate in his defense.

Goh is charged with killing seven of his classmates at Oikos University in Oakland back in April of 2012. He has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and has been committed to Napa State Hospital since 2003. Some of his victim's relatives said after this morning's ruling that it is time for him to stand trial.

Prosecutors will now seek a conservatorship for Goh, which is a civil commitment for criminally dangerous people. The judge addressed the relatives telling them this doesn't mean a trial won't ever occur, just not yet. And the defense attorney said outside of court that Goh will never be free and could face trial down the road.

The lawyer described Goh's existence, saying he locks his door, doesn't watch movies or read books or go to group therapy. The lawyer said Goh sits on the edge of his bed all day long, staring into the distance, wishing he could die.
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