OLE Health in Napa County rolls out mobile health clinic

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Friday, May 26, 2023
Healthcare is on a roll in Napa County
Northern California-based institution, OLE Health, is expanding its reach by rolling out a mobile health clinic.

NAPA VALLEY, Calif. -- OLE Health is the only nonprofit health center in Napa County, serving nearly 40,000 patients. Now, this Northern California-based institution is expanding its reach by rolling out a mobile health clinic.

"OLE Health has been building trust with our community," expressed Ricky Hurtado, OLE Health's Community Outreach Manager. "Whether it be in our brick-and-mortar clinics or in our mobile health unit, we are bringing our services to the community."

"Our whole mission is about ensuring that absolutely every person has the best quality health care," Chief Development Officer at OLE Health, Sonia Tolbert adds. "That means anyone who walks through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay for their insurance status, or their immigration status, receives the top-quality care."

The mobile health clinic offers free services to vulnerable residents.

"What we offer is preventative health screenings. We also do resource education and resource referral to our community members, whether it be internally in our clinics, or to our community-based organizations and partners," described Hurtado.

The organization's services strengthen the health of the workforce throughout the wine region.

"I really like to talk about OLE as being really part of the engine that helps keep this wine region, this world-class destination working," said Tolbert. "We're helping make sure that those workers are healthy and more importantly that they're families are healthy."

OLE Health Foundation puts on an annual fundraising event to raise money for programs and services. And the community gives back in support. This year, the event was held at Sullivan Rutherford Estate and raised over $1.7 million to support healthcare for Napa's essential workers.

"We're so dependent on agricultural workers. So, taking it on ourselves to take care of the needs of our unique community is very important," stated Joshua Lowell, the GM of Sullivan Rutherford Estate.

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