Sisterhood of women on wheels gets ready for LGBTQ+ Pride Month

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Pride Month: Motorcycle club Organized Chaos Chicago preps for 2022 Aurora, IL parade after COVID Illinois delays
Among the crowd favorites in the Chicago Pride Parade, Organized Chaos is a sisterhood of motorcycle riders with a mission to support women and philanthropic causes.

ROMEOVILLE, Ill. -- They come from all walks of life to form a sisterhood of motorcycle riders. These women hit the roads for fun, friendship and LGBTQ+ Pride.

"Organized Chaos is an all women, philanthropic motorcycle group. The philanthropic part is what hooked me, along with the great sisterhood of having all these wonderful women around me," said Katy Cook, lead road captain of Organized Chaos Chicago." "I actually grew up on the back of my uncles bikes, a couple of my uncles were riders and I would always ride with them, always loved riding. I became a mom, so I didn't do it for a while, and then I met my partner Sue, she was a rider as well, so we kind of got back into it together."

"If you get on a good ride and it's a beautiful day and you're on a nice back road, nothing can ruin your day," said Maria Whiteside, vice president of Organized Chaos. "It's absolutely gorgeous, and that's why most people ride... to just get away from everything, be free and have a good time."

Even four-legged friends get in on the fun.

"This would be Mack, Mack Attack, and he loves to ride. I throw the backpack down, he climbs in and he's ready to go," said Debbie Sciortino, a charter member of Organized Chaos. About her dog, she added, "He's the rider, I'm just the one who balances the bike. Started him off young, he's got his own 'doggles' and backpack, and he's ready to go."

"This has been an anchor in my life for a decade. The women who are still in this organization and the women who have come and gone are amazing women, they empower others," said Organized Chaos President Diana Cantu. "And we have the Pride Parade, which we participate in every year and were excited that COVID has now dissipated to the point where we can safely enjoy that again... So, we're doing that event, we're doing Aurora Pride before that and Backlot Bash and things that accompany the Pride Parade, so this month is going to be quite busy."

"A few years ago, Terrell Brown (ABC7 morning news anchor) got the bike and was riding a little bit in the parade with us and he had fun and we had fun and everybody in the crowd loved it," Whiteside added.

Organized Chaos is welcoming to all women.

"To be a riding member, you have to have an M-class (license), you have to have insurance on your motorcycle, own a motorcycle, and of course, we look for you to be a safe rider," said Cantu. "Any women who fit that category or think they may want to ride someday, we are looking to expand our membership and include women who don't ride yet, but are planning to and need some assistance in that."