Pittsburg dog hailed as hero for saving man's life

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- A golden retriever is receiving praise Wednesday night for helping save a man in distress.

Moe's owner, John Newman, says it's not unusual for his dog to bark when he sees something in the backyard. He says it's typically a raccoon or a cat that sets him off. But Wednesday morning, Moe's bark was different -- less loud, less aggressive.

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"It turned out, I believe because it's a human being as opposed to a threat. He's a people dog. He loves people," said Newman.

Newman went outside and found an elderly man in distress. He had fallen into the water and couldn't climb out of the rocks. Newman pulled him out, but credits Moe for saving the man's life.

"I have no doubt about it. If you were to go in that water right now, you wouldn't last very long at all," said Newman

Paramedics took the man to the hospital. He's expected to be OK.

Pittsburg Police are calling Moe a 'hometown hero." Officers came by earlier in the day to thank him and give him treats. The department posted about him not once, but twice on its Facebook page.

"It makes me feel very good because I'm his Dad and you know we always have that special feeling for your child," said Newman.

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