Puppies die after being found in hot car in Concord

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Three puppies are dead and several others plus their mom are being cared for in an East Bay animal shelter, after they were found inside a hot car in Concord on Wednesday.

Doctors tell ABC7 News that two were found dead in the car and one died in the care of veterinarians.

The surviving puppies are tiny, just several days old. Most puppies open their eyes and ears at around 10-days old, but these puppies still have not. Shelter officials say the dogs were discovered closed up in a car near the 4700 block of Clayton Road.

Police were called and rescued all nine and rushed them to a nearby vet's office. But, three of the puppies didn't make it. A 55-year-old Concord man was taken into custody and booked on animal neglect charges.

The surviving dogs are healthy and active and currently under the care of county veterinarians who will also try to figure out exactly what the cause of death was.

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