PG&E PSPS: Bay Area business owners say potential power shutoff could cost them thousands

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Business owners concerned over possible PG&E power shutoff
Bay Area business owners say a PG&E power shutoff could cost them thousands of dollars.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Approximately 54,000 PG&E customers are expected to lose electricity as high winds move in as early as Wednesday in 24 counties, including several in the Bay Area.

Business owners tell us the shutoff could cost them thousands of dollars.

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"In the long term if they always on and off, on and off, I don't know what to do because it kills our business," says Maria Chan, who owns Montclair Florist in Oakland.

She unexpectedly lost power for three hours Tuesday and it cost her $1,000. Now, there's a possible Public Safety Power Shutoff due to dangerous fire conditions, which would mean more lost money.

Esif Hamid owns nearby Le Bonbon and Montclair 1 Hour Photo and is in the same situation. He says when the power goes out his businesses are severely limited.

"We don't have a machine, we don't have any function, we can't do any scanning, we can't do anything," says Hamid.

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In the hills above those businesses, homeowners tell us they have received multiple notifications about the expected outage.

Those like Doug Hamilton, who uses a CPAP machine that needs power but will be run off of a battery if and when the power goes out.

"Somebody knocked on the door, made sure that we had it covered and knew when it was happening. For now I'd rather them be safe than sorry," says Hamilton.

Everyone we spoke with understanding of the expected shutoff but hopeful for a long-term solution recommending either nighttime outages or wires put underground.

Customers can look up their address online to find out if their location is being monitored for the potential safety shutoff, here.

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