Thousands of North Bay residents without electricity due to PG&E power shutoff

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Thursday, October 15, 2020
Thousands of North Bay residents lose power in PG&E safety shutoff
Among the 9,000 PG&E customers who lost power is a woman who just recently returned home after a 10-day evacuation from the Glass Fire.

NAPA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- About 53,000 people across the state are in the process of having their power turned off. Many of those outages are already in place.

In Napa County more than 9,000 customers have lost electricity.

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On the west side of Calistoga, streets are in total darkness right now due to the Public Safety Power Shutoff which is in effect.

"Well I know it has to be done because of the fires and everything but we don't have any wind right now or anything I don't see what the big deal is," says Corliss Meyer of Calistoga.

Meyer is back home after a 10-day evacuation during the Glass Fire, now this. She's already lost her power and now relying on the ice in her freezer to keep her food from going bad.

"If it goes back on tomorrow we'll be okay. I got one of those Yeti coolers. You ever seen one of those? They're nice!" says Meyer.

VIDEO: Napa Co. residents brace for PG&E power shutoffs amid aftermath of wildfire, smoke

PG&E says more than 9,000 customers will be impacted by power shutoffs in Napa County alone.

In Calistoga, the outage is expected to last more than 48 hours until Friday night. Some like Marisa Hawks say they were tired of being in the dark so they purchased a generator.

The Calistoga mayor Chris Canning says his residents are all dealing with the outages but this shouldn't be the new norm. "We understand why, it's just not sustainable it's not a solution, this should be a temporary fix," says Canning.

As for Corliss Meyer, "I'm in my 70's and I never went through anything like this in my life. This past year has been really tough on everybody. I keep telling my grandchildren 'you're living history, you're really living history.'"

The power shutoff is expected to affect approximately 53,000 customers in the following 24 counties, including:

Alameda County:5,326 customers, 210 Medical Baseline customers
Amador County:57 customers, 0 Medical Baseline customers
Butte County:11,341 customers, 981 Medical Baseline customers
Calaveras County: 262 customers, 17 Medical Baseline customers

Contra Costa County: 929 customers, 61 Medical Baseline customers
El Dorado County: 1,654 customers, 73 Medical Baseline customers
Humboldt County: 187 customers, 1 Medical Baseline customer
Lake County: 82 customers, 5 Medical Baseline customers
Monterey County: 636 customers, 23 Medical Baseline customers
Napa County: 9,221 customers, 314 Medical Baseline customers
Nevada County: 224 customers, 6 Medical Baseline customers
Placer County: 389 customers, 13 Medical Baseline customers
Plumas County: 1,855 customers, 103 Medical Baseline customers
San Mateo County: 1,687 customers, 56 Medical Baseline customers
Santa Clara County: 2,210 customers, 103 Medical Baseline customers
Santa Cruz County: 5,076 customers, 351 Medical Baseline customers

Shasta County: 4,697 customers, 397 Medical Baseline customers
Sierra County: 1,052 customers, 24 Medical Baseline customers
Solano County: 871 customers, 66 Medical Baseline customers
Sonoma County: 1,777 customers, 64 Medical Baseline customers
Tehama County: 1,228 customers, 57 Medical Baseline customers
Trinity County: 178 customers, 10 Medical Baseline customers
Yolo County: 10 customers, 0 Medical Baseline customers
Yuba County: 1,841 customers, 141 Medical Baseline customers

You can read the full advisory and check for the most current updates here.

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