Fashion blogger admits to photoshop, felt pressured by the fashion industry

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Monday, August 18, 2014
  • Before and After.
  • Before and after.
  • Before and after.
  • Before and after.
  • Before and after.
Before and After.
Dana Suchow/

Fashion blogger and model Dana Suchow revealed that she incorporates the use of photoshop to alter and enhance her physical appearance.

In an honest confession, Dana released the before and after images (featured above) she now regrets having photoshopped. She releases these images in an attempt to come clean with her followers and to help "lift the veil that is currently suffocating us women." On why she had distorted the images to hide superficial 'flaws,' Dana said she had felt pressured by the fashion industry standards, as well as her own insecurities.

"Not everything is real," she wrote. "Even people you look up to are flawed."

While she admits that the changes seem slight, Dana believes the photos are an inaccurate depiction of herself, and that photoshopping is very common with fashion bloggers. "I know this for a fact," she told SheKnows.

"Fashion is synonymous with beauty and perfection, and fashion blogging is big business. Fashion makes millions selling perfection to the imperfect, and an imperfect fashion blogger is a tough sell."

Photos by Dana Suchow used with permission.

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