Pike the polar bear passes away at age 32

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco Zoo's beloved polar bear passed away Friday from old age.

We last saw Pike the polar bear when she was playing in the snow. Ten tons of man-made snow was brought in as a special birthday present.

Pike lived to be 32 years old. Most polar bears in the wild live for only 15 years.

At the time of her death, Pike was the fourth oldest polar bear in the United States.

Pike the polar bear

Pike the polar bear as a cub

San Francisco Zoo

"Pike was a great bear and I feel honored to have been able to care for her over the years. Her longevity and quality of life was a reflection of the thoughtful and diligent care she received from Zoo staff," Chief of Veterinary Services at San Francisco Zoo and Gardens Dr. Graham Crawford said.

The Zoo made a donation to Polar Bear International in Pike's name. For those who wish to honor Pike's life at the zoo, donations may be made by contacting Katharine Morris at katharinem@sfzoo.org or by calling 415-753-7173.
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