Iconic Pink Triangle on SF's Twin Peaks will shine brighter than ever during Pride

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Friday, June 26, 2020
Iconic Pink Triangle will shine brighter than ever during Pride
During this year's Pride celebration, the iconic Pink Triangle will shine brighter than ever.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Every year, during Pride, a large pink triangle is installed on the hillside of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. It's an enduring and important part of the Pride celebration in the city.

Resting on a gentle slope, the bright installation represents a symbol of hope and equality visible for everyone to see, but according to creator Patrick Carney, the first time he put it on display, being visible was the farthest thing from his mind.

"The very first Pink Triangle went up in the dark of night so we wouldn't be arrested. It was a renegade craft project," Carney reveals. "And then the next year, it went from insurgent to mainstream when I got a permit and insurance, and then, the elected officials started showing up so it's great to do something that you know is recognized as an important part of celebration and Pride."