Plan approved to ban private cars on San Francisco's busy Market Street

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If your commute takes you down Market Street in San Francisco, you'll have to start thinking about a different route because it will be closed to private cars and ridesharing vehicles.

The Better Market Street Project was just approved.

ABC7 News spoke to some people who are describing how they navigate Market Street. "It's pretty crowded and a little bit scary," one man said.

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The city wants the experience to be better and now after years of debate, officials have a plan to drastically change the Market Street corridor. Most notably, private cars including Uber and Lyft will be banned on Market Street from 10th Street east to the Embarcadero.

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"Well, I don't like it, that's how I make my living. I pick up people here from the Embarcadero station and drive them in. I don't know where I'd be able to pick them up if I couldn't do it on Market Street," private driver Carl Deaton said.

San Francisco's public works director says cross traffic will still be allowed.

Commercial vehicles and delivery trucks will have access to the curb lane, while Muni will have exclusive use of the center lanes. "The idea is to reduce the amount of traffic, enjoy Market Street and have a great experience," San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru said.

Renderings show the new proposed look, which will include a sidewalk level bike lane. "For safety's sake, I'm pretty excited about one that's completely separate," one man said.

The brick pedestrian sidewalk will be replaced with concrete pavers. "I know brick does get pretty slippery, but I don't know if concrete is going to be any better," another man said.

The Better Market Street Project has an estimated $604 million price tag.

The city already has about 100 million set aside for construction.

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