San Francisco artist completes police brutality protest mural featuring baby cop

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- An artistic statement against police brutality is stopping people in their tracks.

ABC7 News was in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood to capture the completion of a huge mural of a baby in a police officer's uniform.

Graffiti Artist BiP created the mural and shared that it's been a "tragic piece" that he's been wanting to paint for years.

The artist shares thoughts and updates about his work on Instagram where he mentioned that he hopes his art will be used as a statement against police brutality not only in San Francisco, but also nationwide.

In an Instagram post, he writes, "I'm not trying to put you (police) all in the same bucket, I have personally witnessed acts of kindness from some of you. but if not, if this mural sits badly with you, then I'm sorry but it's about to get very real. I'm about to go in on all of you. as big as I can. in the middle of downtown SF. that's what's happening here. @sfpd let me be clear I am protesting you and all American police in regard to police brutality."

The mural sits on a building in between Lily and Franklin street in San Francisco.
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