Incredible video shows pollen storm in New Jersey

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Proof of pollen problem in Millville
Proof of pollen problem in Millville. Tamala Edwards reports during Action News Mornings on May 8, 2018.

MILLVILLE, N.J. -- If you think the pollen problem here in the Bay Area is bad, check out this video from New Jersey. You'll feel a sneeze coming on just from watching the clip!

Jennifer Henderson says her husband Eric was at work on Monday in Cumberland County when he decided to tap a tree with his digger loader.

Once the machine tapped the tree - it's a pollen storm!

VIDEO: How pollen affects your health

Pollen allergies tend to be worse in the spring.

The video was taken off Cedar Lane in Millville.

Pollen allergies tend to be worse in the spring as plants and trees begin the process of reproduction, according to AccuWeather.

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There are many types of pollen - from different kinds of trees, grass and a variety of weeds. If you've ever had a yellow, powdery substance covering your car, you've seen pollen.

How can you keep your allergies from acting up?

Stay inside, dust often and cleaning your home's air filter can go a long way to keeping pollen allergies at bay, AccuWeather says.