Porch pirates are on the rise this holiday season, survey says

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Thursday, December 23, 2021
Porch pirates are on the rise this holiday season
Package theft is on the rise -- and merchants and delivery companies have learned how they can ensure those thefts are your responsibility.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A new survey by InsuranceQuotes.com suggests porch pirates are upping their game. A year ago, 18% who responded to the annual survey said they had been ripped off by porch pirates. This year, 30% say they have been victimized.

You've seen the footage of porch pirates, and accused porch pirates ripping off your neighbors. As doorbell cams multiplied, so did the video of items being stolen off of porches. This latest survey shows that porch pirates are pretty much interested in anything that is showing up at your front door, including meals and groceries.

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"That was one of the things that showed up in our survey," says Michael Giusti from InsuranceQuotes.com, "10% of the respondents said that they've had groceries or a meal stolen from their front porch on our doorstep."

Now, one of the ways delivery companies are trying to cut their losses is to take photos of the package on your porch or at your door, then sending you a copy of the photo. This is working for delivery companies, but maybe not for the reason you think.

"Once it's (the package) actually in your mailbox or on your front porch it's considered delivered, so if someone comes and picks up that package off your front porch the merchant isn't legally responsible, and the shipper isn't legally responsible. It is your legal responsibility," says Giusti.

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So how are consumers reacting to their missing packages? Often with anger. The InsuranceQuote.Com survey finds just shy of three-quarters of us want to throw the book at porch pirates.

"One of our results from our survey is 72% believe that someone convicted of stealing a package should serve jail time," Giusti says, "and you know, it's pretty remarkable for a property crime."

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